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Alpaca fibre is a speciality fibre which is warm, lightweight and soft. Called by some the fibre of the gods and in Inca times only royalty were considered worthy to wear it. The structure of the fibre goives products made from it amazing thermal and wear resistant properties.

Alpaca fibre comes in a range of natural colours which have been categorised into 22 colour groups, from white and light fawn through many shades of silver and grey to browns and a true black. Alpaca fibre also takes dye well leading to the complete rainbow of colours being available.

Often people who cannot wear wool due to allergy can find that the hypoallergenic properties of alpaca will make a superb alternative. The fibre is naturally water repellant and difficult to ignite.

Here at Five Keys we have available for sale some of our fleece products at various stages of processing. This is everything from raw fleeces, carded fibre and home spun yarn.

Sometimes alpaca blended with other quality fibres are also available.

Please contact us for further details