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Setting up for Alpacas

Alpacas are surprisingly easy to set up for.

Fencing - Alpacas need no special fencing as normal farm fencing will suffice. Electric fencing is not necessary especially as the alpaca fleece is a good insulator and usually prevents the alpaca from feeling any shock. Some changes to layout may be useful if both males and females are to be kept. We have staggered the paddock boundarys which enables us to use diagonally opposite paddocks for females and entire males. Females and Entire males CANNOT be kept together.

Plants - Several plants are poisonous to alpacas and these should be eliminated from where alpacas are to be kept. For a list of the plants to be aware of view the New Zealand Alpaca Association website. (www.alpaca.org.nz)

Water - Water should be supplied fort all animals. Alpacas do not seem to drink large quantities

Shelter - Simple shelters should be provided for the alpacas use but it is common for them to shun shelter even in storms. The fleece is excellent shelter and keeps them surprisingly warm and dry.

Shearing - A flat area preferably covered can be useful for shearing however animals can be taken to other properties for communal shearing, reducing shearers travelling costs.