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Alpaca Care

Looking after alpacas is not especially difficult but some tasks are needed for all animals

Shearing - All alpacas require shearing which is usually done fairly cheaply by experienced alpaca shearers. Alpacas depending on breed should be shorn once per year (may be longer for Suri alpacas) usually in the spring.

Toe Nail Clipping - Surprisingly the frequency of toe nail clipping appears to vary on the colour of the animal with darker animals requiring less frequent clipping. Paddock conditions will also play a part. The task is not difficult but well handled animals are easier. The clippers are relatively cheap and easy to obtain.

Vitamin injections - Vitamins A, D and E should be given especially to cria and young animals. Again this is not a difficult task and is usually performed by the owner after basic tuition.

Drenching - Dealing with possible internal parasites can be scheduled or done on an as needed basis. Oral drenches or injectable medication are preferred. Take advice on which product to use.

Facial Eczema - Alpacas are susceptible to facial eczema and during the season spore counts should be monitored and food with zinc supplements fed to prevent this becoming a problem. Paddocks can also be sprayed to reduce the spore count. Here at Five Keys we do both.