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Keeping Alpacas

Alpacas are hardy low maintenance animals which can adapt to a wide range of conditions. Average stocking rates are 4 - 5 alpacas per acre but this will vary depending on the pasture and can be increased by supplementary feeding.

Alpacas are herd animals and should not be kept without company of their own type. No reputable alpaca breeder will consider selling a single alpaca unless the purchaser already has other alpacas for company. It is not fair on the animals to keep entire male and female alpacas together in the same paddock.

Alpacas can be left alone to fend for themselves with necessary care being minimal (see Alpaca care) but these animals can be extremely friendly and it is worth taking the time to interact with them. They are easy to halter train and can if handled well return this time with a cute calming and appreciative presence. Some owners claim that their company has anti- depressant qualities.

Male and female alpacas should be kept separately but groups of entire males have been known to fight. Owners might consider neutering male alpacas not wanted for breeding as this makes them easier to handle, reduces fighting, improves the fleece and removes the chance of mating accidents.

Setting up for alpacas is not difficult. (see Setting up for alpacas)