Comercial Items

Boxes with Logos

Wooden boxes etched with a company logo can look impressive to the customer and protect the contents. Such containers can be customised to the requirements of your business. Please contact David with any sizes and specifications for a quote.

The boxes shown above are produced in two different types. One type where the lid covers the slightly smaller base entirely and a cut out is made in the side of the lid to make removal easy. The other type where the lid and the base are the same size with a internal lip to keep the lid in place when fitted. The former results in a bulkier lid but has the advantage that the base can be fitted inside the lid for display while the latter is generally considered to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Shapes can be cut in various sixes and in various materials such as wood, acetate and card for various products and processes.

Business card boxes with the company logo can be created as a promotional gift or for use on stands.

Wooden ID badges look impressive and identify your personnel to customers either in the workplace or on displays. Such Identification can aid security. Membership badges can both look impressive as well as identify members access to member only areas.

Information boards can be produced in a large range of sizes. The one pictured used to provide information on Nine Mens Morris. one of my games in a retail shop.