Landscapes Dyes

Landscapes dyes for wool and silk.

Landscape Dyes

Actually, these dyes are for any animal fibre. So, obviously wool. But also for alpaca, goat, bison, rabbit, even leather works. And of course silk.

The colours are true and easy to use, with 2 teaspoons being enough for 100g of fibre, used at full strength. They require no mordants. Everything is in the pot.

We keep in stock all of the Landscapes in 100g pots. For anyone new to these dyes, 1 pot of 100g will dye 1 kilo of fibre at full strength. We can arrange to get in any of the colours in 250g, or 1kg pots. 

The dyes are split into 3 groups – Landscapes (originals), Landscapes Elements and the new range of Seasons.

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