Landscapes Sampler Boxes

Sample Boxes

Kraftkolour, who produce all the dyes I sell, have recently brought out Sampler boxes for most of the Landscapes Ranges. Each of the groups of Elements has its own box plus there are boxes for Bright Primaries and Soft Primaries. Along with their new range, Seasons, they have brought out sampler boxes for each season.

The sampler boxes each contain 6 pots of 20g of dye in the particular group, instruction sheet and gloves.

They make a great introduction to dyeing, as a lot of people don’t want to dye a kilo of fibre in one colour. The samplers give you a range of complementary colours.

Sample boxes exist for each of the “Elements” section, so there is –

Desert – containing Dingo, Mallee,Dusk,Red Ochre, Granite, and Burnt Umber

Mountain – Lichen, Mist, Cloud Ears, Heath, Sun Orchid & Wombat

Coastal – Shell, Saltmarsh, Tasman, Kelp, Coral and Pacific

Rural – Maize, Rye, Clay, Wheat, Alfalfa and Sugar Cane

Destinations – Barossa, Waratah, Broome, Pilbarra, Daintree, and Apollo Bay

There is also a Bright Primaries which is pretty much what you’d expect – Desert Pea, Marine, Wattle, Fern, Wild Raspberry and a black called Currawong.

And Soft Primaries which are Salmon Gum, Mountian Blue, Chamomile, Plum and Wallaby.

There is a sampler box for each of the seasons.

Winter – Bordeaux, Merlot, Smoke, Ginger, Cypress, and Cocoa

Spring – Tangerine, Tamarillo, Hyacinth, Lily,Mint. and Iris

Summer – Mango, Lipstick, Sorbet, Lagoon, Splash and Sherbet

Autumn – Magnolia, Chilli, Indigo, Saffron, Bronze and Aspen

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