Light Boxes

These light boxes show amazing shadow and light patterns around the room and are available in many different designs each of which are supplied with a digital candle.

Light Boxes

Designs will come and go and some of our designs have been discontinued while new designs will pop up from time to time. Each design has its own name as shown in the gallery below and most designs can also be obtained as a coaster set and a pen box if required. Start your collection now.

Our default candle is timed so that it comes on for 6 hours when switched on and then is off for 18 hours to complete the 24 hour cycle. This means it can be used as a child’s night light and there is no need to sneak back in to switch it off later. The batteries seem to last well and are easy to replace when needed.

Please note – These are not designed for and should never be used with real flame candles.

These are available as a flat pack if required to aid in packing or postage, everything included except glue (we use external grade PVA Wood glue) including instructions for putting them together.