Novelty Keyrings

A series of double sided novelty Keyrings are available made from 4mm plywood for strength. The sayings are etched with a saying on one side which is completed on the other. Each of these keyrings will be completed with the purchasers choice of either a 150mm coloured wire or a split ring.

80 and 60mm keyrings.

These are available in any size requested but are produced as standard as either 80mm or 60mm wide sizes.

Any saying can be requested to be produced (assuming copyright is observed) and personalisation can also be requested.

Keyrings with names on it can be created to order but we do not recommend addresses being on keyrings as it poses a security risk.

The sayings currently produced are as follows but this list will be expanded regularly.

  • I broke up with my Gym – we just weren’t working out
  • I child proofed my house – but they still get in
  • Of course I speak to myself – sometimes I need expert advice
  • I’d agree with you – but then we’d both be wrong
  • I don’t repeat gossip – so listen carefully
  • Hold on – let me overthink this
  • If you think you can or if you think you can’t – you are right
  • Thank you for being the person – you didn’t have to be.
  • When nothing is going right – go left
  • Follow your dreams – they know the way
  • Built for comfort – not for speed
  • Be yourself – Everyone else is already taken
  • Thou shall not try me – Mom 24:7
  • The trouble with trouble is – it starts out as fun
  • Once in a while someone amazing comes along – and here I am
  • Fluent in French – Fries
  • Drive safe – I need you here with me
  • Home is – wherever you are
  • I’m not old – I’m a classic
  • I may be wrong – but it’s highly unlikely
  • I’m not small – just concentrated AWESOME
  • If it doesn’t open – It’s not your door
  • I totally agree – with myself
  • If you were a triangle – you’d be A cute one
  • Coffee, chocolate & men – some things are just better rich
  • You can’t scare me – I have kids
  • We were together – I forget the rest
  • I,m not always sarcastic – sometimes I’m sleeping
  • I’m not arguing – just explaining why I’m right
  • I see no good reason – to act my age
  • Don’t worry about being perfect – be real
  • You are a rainbow – in my cloud
  • You want to know who I’m in love with – read the first word again
  • Family where life begins – and love never ends
  • Allergic to Mondays – and the other four weekdays
  • Sometimes late – but worth the wait.
  • If you stumble – make it part of the dance
  • Be happy – It’ll drive people crazy
  • Don’t worry if plan A fails – 25 more letters to go
  • Some call it chaos – we call it family