Other Laser Goodies

This section shows other items which I have found difficult to categorise or the category would too small to warrant a page on their own.

Dog Box Keyring

The Dog box keyring was originally created for a theatre production on a bigger scale which while making it obvious what it was in the production would have been too big for the pocket. This smaller version has been created in thin plywood and coloured using Procian dyes available from Five Keys Dyes before being finished with three coats of clear varnish.

This snowflake decoration is produced as a pair with the bottom one fitting inside the other. Produced in 4mm plywood it is fascinating to watch the two pieces fit together.

Other decorations are created a christmas decorations for your house and tree. Please watch this page for updates as and when they are made.


This moth (some people say butterfly) is produced in four mm plywood for strength and retains its delicate appearance. It is finished in 3 coats of clear varnish.