Other goodies

for dyeing and playing with fibre…


The Landscapes dyes are a complete package in their own right. So they don’t need mordants. But if any of you are looking at natural dyes, there are things you will need. We have a supply of Alum, potassium & .\

Then if you are using the Procions, we are able to supply dense soda ash which is used to pre-soak the fibre/fabric or can be used at the time of dyeing.

Not strictly to do with dyeing, but something we have found sells well, is the end twiddler. This is to finish off your weaving pieces.

Anyone looking for small storage for their craft accessories, might like to look at David’s storage drawers. The drawers can be mixed to give the combination that best suits you. He is also willing and able to make custom pieces if these aren’t the size you require.