Personalised Items

Personalised items

Personalised items are often one of the gifts that are most appreciated even if they are quite small. They show that the person has been thought of and the trouble has been taken to purchase specifically for them.

Five Keys Laser produces several of these items as standard but of course completely custom iitems can be produced as well.

Luggage Tags

Our luggage tags provide that extra identification to luggage that makes it easier to spot. We have had several customers who use these to aid quick identification of school bags and such in schools and play centres.

Various Name plates

Our name plates can be supplied in a variety of sizes and in a variety of fonts either as a etched plate or as as a stencil (Although the fonts that create create good stencils are very limited) These can be made of various materials though we use 4mm ply as standard. The plates are usually supplied unfinished so that the customer can select their own finish as required. Colour is extra and the coloured plate shown above was coloured using Procian dyes available from Five Keys Dyes.

Obviously most items can be personalised and this can be done to order. Please see boxes on our commercial items page and items on our special events page.