Procion Dyes for Plant Fibres

Procions are a range of dyes for plant fibres and silks. So great for cottons, rayon, hemp.

Kraftkolour do a huge range of these dyes. Too many for me to stock everything. So, we keep available the primary and secondary colours and a few spares – things like turquoise, black, and a brown. If you want a colour that we don’t keep, we are happy to order them in. Turn around is pretty good in normal circumstances.

We stock the dyes in pots of 50g. This is sufficient to dye 1 kilo of fibre.

You will also need dense soda ash which is widely available and we do keep in it in stock (see other items) .

There are a variety of methods for dyeing with procions. It is cold water and can be used for such things as tie-dyeing or have a look at   Ice dyeing in the projects section.